Lund tekniska högskola LTH

(January – March 2012, Sweden)
Town planning
• Thesis: how to develop Dalby i Sweden (Distinction);


(2007, Sweden)
Swedish language study
• Language course;


(2001 – 2002, Belgium)
The study of town-planning and development
• Thesis: The means of the struggle to develop flood defences through drainage basins;
Example of followed courses:

Transport system and infrastructures: applications and environmental studies; Urban and regional analyzes method; Actors, territories and development contexts; Sociological aspects of urban and regional planning; Land management and production simulation; Rural areas planning; Regional economy; Strategy formulation and intervention process; Territorial development projects feasibility and environmental impact; Development policies; Technical intervention processes evaluation in urban and regional planning; …

ISA St Luc, Tournai, La Cambre

(1994 – 1999, Belgium)
• Thesis: The Labyrinth of the myth of Theseus – what does it look like? (Distinction);
Example of followed courses:

Mathematical; Descriptive geometry and applications; Topography; Physics, Chemistry, Mechanical engineering; Materials resistance and construction stability; Construction technology; History of Architecture; Theory of Architecture; Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology; Environmental Sciences , ecology; economy of construction; real estate law; Computing; bioclimatic architecture; …

During these studies, active internships in construction and building.

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