Johan Maniet


Johan ManietMy name is Johan Maniet, I am Belgian, I am a graduate in architecture since 1999 and a degree in town planning since 2002. I completed my training with a course in town planning in Sweden early 2012.

I’m located in Sweden since 2007.

I have professional experience gained over 12 years of architectural projects, urban planning of all sizes and of various kinds, in various countries both in Europe and Askica or the United States.

Currently, I develop my business in relation to my experiences in the city of Malmo, famous for its eco-Bo01.

I can help you develop your construction projects throughout northern Europe, skance, Belgium and Morocco by working for you in relation with local actors (administration, contractors …) or through my contacts.

Who am I professionally speaking?

I am a person who:

• Is structured and responsible;
• Is quality conscious and thorough with a high attention to detail;
• Is focused on problem-solving;
• Can think outside-of-the-box;
• Is a good colleague and a team-player wanting to engage in the office community;
• Is ambitious, for themselves and for the company;
• Can be flexible with regard to working hours;

Some keywords in my projects

Creativity, high standards, ambition, residents, users, children, elders, workers, mix, cost, footprint, typology, establishing a dialogue between city and countryside, densification, meaning, openness, rules, play, flexibility, continuity, pedestrian, integration, immediacy, future thread, structure, reactivity, multifunctional, predict, complementarities, history, roots, feeling, predecessor, residents, public-private, dream, ecology, motions, public transport, social, ecosystem, economy, to like it,…

For me, architecture is ideas, bounce off ideas, and recombine ideas and even ideas for, I think: “yes, we can!

I wish you a pleasant journey in this web page


Maniet Johan

architecte and town planner


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