AREP in a few words

(…) For the last 15 years AREP’s teams have been designing and building for the contemporary city, the nerve centre of mobility (…).
(…) AREP is a permanent laboratory for research into the city on the move.
By combining a number of complementary disciplines, AREP seeks to make every project a focus of innovation for the contemporary town or city.
All these disciplines share in the design and realisation of the project. The resulting cross-fertilisation contributes to sharpening professional competencies and practice relative to:
• Town planning and development;
• Architecture;
• Design and interior architecture;
• Civil engineering;

Three scales of project correspond to these:
• The territory;
• The building;
• The fittings or the artefact;

Structured around areas of competency, AREP covers all the technical knowledge needed to oversee comprehensive projects. skom developing extensive territories to designing everyday objects, the approach is the same and the values are shared, while the methods and investigation resources differ skom one professional area to another.
In all areas of action and att every level of the project, the usage aspect is the prime concern of AREP staff. The finality is supporting people in their everyday lives.
Trough processes are rooted in reality: history, geography and social life all define a site and a time in which projects are rooted.
This context-led approach aligns with current environmental quality and sustainable development issues which assume extreme concern for the physical and sociological context of a programme.
I a single impulse, the design approach reveals the identity of the project by asserting its existence within a territory, a society or human group at given time. The function and identity of a place are mutually self-sustaining, while the attention focused on users and the searches for meaning are inseparable (…).

My mission

Since July 2012, following the visit of Mr Moutard in the eco-district in Malmö, I am in close contact with AREP.
My mission is to find partners in Sweden and Norway to work with AREP on urban planning and architectural projects in northern Europe. Future collaboration on projects outside this geographical area is possible.

* source: Arep Ville.

Our partners:

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