My name is Mr Johan Maniet and I work as a consultant in architecture, urban planning, regional land planning, infrastructure and real estate development throughout Scandinavia, Europe or North Africa. Since 1999, I have worked to develop a unique network of experts and contacts in Scandinavia. My contacts are reliable and I can always count on their commitment to complete your building or your real estate projects in Scandinavia, Europe or in North Africa. I am a qualified consultant in real estate project, town planning and architecture. I am trustworthy and loyal and you can always trust that I put every effort to realize your projects.

The services I offer with my network of experts cover the following areas:
• territorial analysis and indicators to understand the development trends of the area where you want to make your projects;
• territorial Development;
• economical development;
• identify funding opportunities and your financial partner
• Administration;
• Design, build and manage your projects in Scandinavia, Europe or in North Africa;

I can provide all documents (such as building permits, purchase contracts, trade agreements, etc.) necessary for the realization of your projects. Through my experience, I can quickly analyze and assess a project’s profitability for you. I’m always honest and forthright in my reviews. My most important task is that you do not lose your money in real estate projects! My self and my team of experts, we are client oriented and are always looking for the best solutions for your projects. We react and act quickly. We have extensive experience and expertise in construction and real estate sector. I can guarantee that you will always have access to someone who speaks your native language or English as well as the language of the country you want to do your project. In our team, we have a sales engineer, Virginia Courtioux who has wide experience in real estate development due to her experience in large architectural firms in France. In Sweden, we can rely on the company Fasticon. We also take care of your business trips in the country where you want to build your projects and we arrange your meetings with public and private actors through the agency “Nordic business travel” based in Copenhagen and managed by Christine Brotin.


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